Market Intelligence

Olive&Beyond(India) has a specialized division we help our clients plan their business, develop and launch new products, understand and enter new markets and makes a major effort to locate and attract almost all the big players in this business, including purchasing managers from emerging countries such as India and China. We give advice which defines strategic direction and creates avenues for growth based on deep market insight and operational experience – Determine costs & logistics pertaining to brand identity development and marketing communication components; specialty food brokers to determine commissions, markups & logistics from their standpoint; and an olive oil bottler/labeler about costs & logistics of bottling, labeling & warehousing in the India. Seeking introduction to importer / distributor who can provide more insight into how this product should be marketed here and the commissions of importers / distributors versus just specialty food brokers.Our main emphasis is helping Olive Oil and Wine producers sell their products at all levels of distribution within the food industry including specialty food stores, health food stores, retail, grocery stores, supermarkets, wholesalers, food service operators and distributors for understanding supply and end markets in a dynamic perspective – past, present and future trends.

Unlike the large data providers who are generalists, Olive&Beyond(India) specialises in olive oil, food and drink .We are active participants in the industry, so our expertise and knowledge are accurate and unrivalled .

 Trade Show and Sales Events

Olive&Beyond (India) aims to contribute to improving the profitability of extra virgin olive oil bringing together producers and end purchasers from all the major world markets.Our team of experienced event organisers can help you plan in co-operation international trade exhibitions,conferences, seminars and tasting sessions for Olive oil to promote all those producers of olive oil seeking to open new export territory and present quality products from our suppliers to our clients and wholesalers in India . Its purpose is absolutely oriented advocacy and educate consumers, lovers of quality extra virgin olive oil and effective opportunity to showcase your products to a highly captive audience  .

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